How It Works

Most of the money you give is invested in businesses, and in facilitating communication and commerce by uniting technology and conversations through a Global Hub. The rest goes to co-op operations and contributors of content.

How We Invest
Identified by working with locals out on the ground, the co-op invests in solutions that help people increase their own livelihoods.

Businesses will be invited to submit their proposals, from where a team of advisers will post questions and make comments. As members, you'll be welcomed to join in, then vote on how you want the co-op to invest.

Investor Returns
Profits made through returns on investments will go to you. The more shares you'll have, the more you'll make.

Taking away the need to have a bank account, returns will be distributed in a mobile currency called Comcoins, which can be used to purchase more shares, buy products and services sold through the Global Hub, exchanged for like currencies, or – for a small fee – turn into regular cash. How much you've invested, and the amount you've made, will be updated in your online account. Get others to invest and, paid out in Comcoins, 5% of what they pledge goes to you.

Step By Step

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